Friday, January 1, 2010

Polymer Clay Chess Set

This is the chess set I made for my husband for Christmas out of polymer clay! I did a cinnabar finish and set red and black Swarovski crystals into the pieces so that you can tell which side is which. (One side is all red, one side is all black.) My favorites are the knights on the red side with red eyes. ^_^

This was an undertaking, to be sure! Making the pieces took quite a long time--I would have strangled myself if not for my trusty Makin's extruder. The finished pieces with crystals set were baked, sanded (220-800, not my usual 220-3000... I got TIRED!), antiqued, and baked again. I made the chess board on a circular piece of wood I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The top is covered in papers... WHICH papers!? Yes, you guessed it... BASIC GREY! These are from the Marrakech set, which is a whole other level of holiness in my Basic Grey paper canon. The only other items covered with these papers so far are two of my bibles. So, yeah. I LOVE my man.

These are shots of my guys (Adam and our older boy, Thad) playing with the set on Christmas Eve.

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