Monday, December 19, 2011

Faster than a speeding woman...

This time of year is crazy.  Let's not mince words.  I can't believe I am even doing this.  But I mailed all the long distance presents this morning, only forgot to include two things, and proceeded to bake over 100 cookies cookie press style because we bought one last night because Stephanie Pearl-McPhee inspired me with her Cookie Boy post... and now how could a mom with two boys resist that?

Here's a fly by of my last several days.

Christmas cards for the boys' teachers and their bus driver.  This was with the build a blossom punch, and inspired by the latest Stampin' Up! catalog.  I used their jewels and pearls, too, and one of their antique brads, and a stamp from the "Tiny Tags" set.

I ALWAYS decorate the backs of my cards.  The 25 is from the Merry and Type set and this is one of the newer Stampin' Up! punches, which, if such things were possible with inanimate objects or crafting supplies, is my soul mate.  I have more pictures using this punch coming up hopefully tomorrow.

This is a neck warmer made for a relative I won't mention just in case the person is reading the blog.  I find this unlikely, but you never know.  This is Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in a stunning blueish colorway that leaves me almost (ALMOST) speechless with adoration.  Manos is getting closer and closer towards becoming one of the yarns I sing.  (Malabriiiiigooooo being the first one.)

A hat crocheted for my bestest sister friend since seventh grade.  She saw the baggie I made (pictured below) and loved the colors, so I made her a hat with the leftovers.  Seriously, I had 2.5 feet left when I was finished.  It's my handspun, a lovely 50/50 soy silk/wool blend which used to be bright yellow and red, but is now this fun colorway after I overdyed it with sky blue Wilton paste dye. It's the Green Berries pattern from Warm Earth by Yumiko Alexander who just so happens to be a beautiful human being and one of my favorite fiber friends.  Seriously, she hangs out all the time at Tempe Yarn and Fiber and asks us for opinions on her designs and everything.  ^_^

This is the baggie I made with my handspun using the Counterpane Accessories Pouch pattern from Handknit Holidays, one of my favorite books.  It's my notions pouch now and I swear the lining took longer to sew in than the bag took to knit.  I'm not a seamstress.  But, hey, this is only like my second time installing a zipper and I did an AMAZING job.  (It never hurts to pump yourself up... Why wouldn't you?)  It's also the first time I've EVER touched my knitting with a sewing machine, which was terrifying, but I had to just do it, right?  It turned out fine.  Most of these things do, actually.

I hand stitched the lining in.  Look at these stitches.

Seriously, this was so much of my life for two days.  I just feel ridiculously proud.  Partway through this project I yelled at my husband, "I don't WANT to do a good job!  I want to do a CRAPPY job!"  It took sooooo long that I'm not giving this to the person I was originally intending it for.  Not that I don't love her with all of my heart, but she will NEVER fully appreciate what went into this, between the handspun yarn and the sewing with a SEWING MACHINE on my KNITTING which was knit with my HANDSPUN YARN and then the HAND STITCHING inside.  I don't mean to get emotional, but you know what I mean.

Here's another shot of the notions pouch.  This is my most beautimous love right now.

Okay, that's enough.

Wait.  One more.

Yep, it's mine now.

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