Monday, January 23, 2012

Latest Shawl Pins

Here are some of my latest pins.  They sell for $20 each and a lot of them are already sold.  For now, I sell these exclusively through Tempe Yarn and Fiber.  Visit their website here for their location and information.

 The one above is possibly one of my favorites.  Ever.

The one above has a piece of brass I etched using my super secret image transfer technique.  I'm hoping to get my fourth instructional magazine article published about this technique.  ^_~

The one above uses one of my earlier polymer clay beads, sanded and buffed to a high gloss shine.  I really miss being able to do this on a large scale.  My hand and arm bother me too much if I try to do too much sanding now.  I'm hoping to find some solutions.  If any clay people out there have experienced the same problem and solved it, I'm ALL ears.

I love the turquoise/bird's nest one.  ^_^  The inspiration for this came, as it often does, from a friend's special order necklace.  I LOVE special orders, especially for things I've never done before.  I get to try new techniques and learn new things.  My favorite ones are the ones that start off with, "Is it possible to...??"  Or, "Can you do...??"  And God always lets these ideas work out so well, too.  I was hunting through some of my old stuff and came across these bird beads that I completely forgot I had.  So I had to make them work with the little nest I made.  This one sold to one of my favorite people at the yarn shop, too.  I get really happy when the pieces I treasure go to people I treasure.  ^_^

Love the heart one and the squiggle one above.

I'm in love with all three of these...  I love the squiggle one and the fun shape that just so happened to PERFECTLY set this crystal.  And my polymer clay octopus, of course.

Anyway... I'm going to be making some more pieces pretty soon.  I'm actually looking forward to translating a lot of these design ideas into pendants and earrings.  The one above, for instance, can also be a pendant.  Just take hold of the jump ring, hold it up, let the crystal fall into the lovely frame, and string it that way on a chain to wear it like that instead.  ^_^  I'm not sure how to package/market this idea.  But I'm going to be doing more like it in the future.  I like multi-purpose pieces.


  1. Gorgeous shawl pins!!! I love them all, Kathy! Congratulations on your success! You deserve it!

  2. Kathy, I would love to purchase a shawl pin from you. I have been looking for something like this for ages. Unfortunately, I live in Australia and can't see how to order through the website you mentioned. Could you help me out, please? My email is kelleyscrapping at yahoo dot com dot au. I really love just about ALL the pins you've shown in your post! Thanks.

  3. Kathy, these really are beautiful and I'm so glad you are doing well with them.

    Could you make me something in black, white and silver for my 96 year old friend that I'm making a black shawl for. I'll send you a check right away and include the shipping. I don't think I can wait till the next meeting because I hope to get this done asap. She's pretty cold.
    You have my email address. Let me know and I'll send the check right away.