Thursday, December 10, 2009

Permanent Book Covering

First of all, yes, I have changed my blog AGAIN. This is the last time, though. I was hunting for an unused clever name and finally found it. At least, I think it's clever. Anyway, I'm not moving again, that's for sure. You can find all of my old tutorials and awesomeness at I have no intention of deleting the blog anytime soon.

Recently, I covered a favorite bible with scrapbook papers to beautify and repair it. Even though this was a cheapo $5 paperback bought close to 5 years that was falling apart at the seams (already mended several times with tape, I might add), I couldn't bear to part with it because we had simply been through too much together. I'm sure any of you who have a favorite, falling apart bible can understand this. I covered it in my glorious Basic Grey papers, which I jokingly call sacred all of the time, and I guess they finally got to live up to their calling.

Quick tips about PERMANENTLY covering a book like this: Measure twice and cut once. You see that all the time in quilting, but seriously! I left about 1/2" around each edge (except the spine edge) on each cover, then clipped the two corners (on the edge of the flap) at an estimated 45 degree angle so that they could fold over nicely. I cut an inside paper to cover the inside cover and those folded edges. This is all for a paperback book, too. I'm not sure you could rescue a hardback book anyway with cardstock.

Part of my issue was the fact that the cover was going to detach from the spine at any moment, which was something I had to deal with. I cut a piece almost the exact size of the spine and glued it in place. I then cut strips from my lining paper to add to the place where the cover actually attaches, gluing along the spine and the cover where the piece folded.

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Make sure, make absolutely SURE that you have glued these pieces covering the fold of the spine COMPLETELY. Especially right at the fold. If you don't use a good glue (Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive should give me money for how much I push their glue which is, hands down, the BEST glue I have ever found for nearly any purpose in my paper crafting) and make sure the entire piece is attached, whenever you open your book, this paper will be pulling away from the book because of the fact that it's being pulled away every time the cover opens. If, however, you listen to your paper sensei and glue very, very well, the paper will stay completely attached and you'll have a long, happy life together.

Here are images which outline the project, but not the process. I must admit that when I made this, I was too excited with what I was doing to think of making tutorial type photos.

In the picture above you can see the folded flaps for the spine that I was talking about earlier. I put a ton of glue all along the fold, too. Don't forget the fold! In fact, it may be the most important part.

You can see I stamped the page edges, too, which I think makes it so pretty! If you are a Christian woman itching for one of those new, expensive pretty bibles--consider buying and covering a cheaper paperback. If you're looking to repair an old, beloved paperback book, I hope this has been helpful!

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