Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a wonderful life, even when it kind of sucks.

SO. I've given up desserts as a first step in trying to detox my body from an excess of sugar. Gotta say. I'm addicted. There, I said it. There's definite, definite withdrawal, too, when you begin to purposefully eat less sugar. I'm experiencing it. Irritability (excessively!), headaches, and other things. Also, the fact that I WANT SOME CANDY. But, yeah. Gotta break the cycle. I'm sick of this stuff being such a big deal in my life.

Anyway, aside from all of that, I'm quitting my JoAnn job. I'm quitting my card exchange. I'm focusing more on knitting lately because it's so calming and nice. I don't make any money off of it, so it feels more relaxing than jewelry at this point. Not that I'm giving up on my jewelry or my polymer clay. It's just about choices.

So I suppose the main thing is the sugar right now. I feel awful. But I know that eventually it will all work out. Life is still good. God is still good, duh. And eventually I can look on all of this and laugh. Pretty soon I'll post some pics of all the new stuff I'm working on. It's actually pretty cool. I can't believe I haven't shown off my etched metal yet!


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  2. You don't make money from knitting right away, until your non-knitting friends figure out you make cool stuff. ;) Also, you can make money off of spinning yarn. I don't think I could sell yarn I spin myself for a long time after I learn, cause I'll want all that hard work for myself!

    (PS> The previous comment was me under the wrong username, so I deleted it.)

  3. Good for you Kathy! A two week withdrawal in exchange for feeling better is a great trade off. Can't wait to see the photos of your knitting and your etched metal. Missed you at the guild meeting.