Thursday, July 22, 2010

My stuff!!!!

So, as I said, I've been doing a lot of etched metal lately! Yay! It's SO cool. Below are some of my most recent things, mainly the "create" pendant (which is my current all time fave) and the three curvy rectangle things on the left which are prototype shawl pins. I think they work really well. The other stuff is older (except for the curvy rectangle pendant on the right).

Here are a few more pieces. The etched pendants are older. The spindle is polymer clay on a chopstick. It works really well, actually! I love it! I can't wait to spin more on it, but I need to do something about the hook. The bookmark is probably my newest new thing, lol. I shaped and hammered the bookmark itself and filed it up and made it kind of rough so that it actually stays in the book instead of flying out at the slightest resistance (like, you know, AIR). These bookmarks are SO pretty and I love them, but I hate that they never stay in the book. So I decided to make my own and, yeah, it's better. I'm not surprised. ^_~

Up close shots of two of my favorite of the etched pendants, a nickel peacock and a copper butterfly:

My knitted hat from the boutique knits book:

Having so much fun!!!! Still no desserts! AAAAAGH! I'll run off and make some more stuff.

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  1. Love your stuff Kathy! The etched metal is fabulous...going to add that to your Etsy shop? Love the hat too! You are an all around talented lady!