Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scrapbook Social 8/13/2010

I'm teaching the depressed window cards again this month since I didn't have anyone come last month (except Gail) and we both agreed it was okay for me to push this back so that more of you could have the opportunity to do this. (And it was a TON of work to put this together, so I'd really rather teach more people to make it worth it for me.)

The class will be Friday night, the 13th of this month (August), from 6:30-8:30 at the Riverview JoAnn. Cost is only $10 per person!

Basically, this class will teach you how to make a little depressed box like shape in your card which would allow you to add extra embellishments and generally make a fun piece. You could add jewelry or tiny gifts right in your card and it's a really fun thing to do! These are usually best handed to people in person, but if you want to try to mail them, you could. You'd just have to use a stiff mailer of some kind that will fit the card inside. The card will be as thick as the depressed box is deep, if that makes sense. (A 1/4" deep box will yield a 1/4" thick card, unless you get embellishments poking out that will make it even thicker.)

Here is an image of a card I made using this technique:

And here is an image of the wall hanging I made using this technique:

The wall hanging is actually about 10" across, so you'll be able to use this technique to make more than just cards. It's pretty fun!

To make this card, you only need the most basic paper crafting tools:

-At least some cardstock (for your card base)
-Decorative cardstock or paper as an accent to the design
-Your preferred embellishments (buttons, stickers, brads, rubons, ribbon, etc.)
-Adhesive or glue, such as my favorite, Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
-Markers or pens or colored pencils or chalks or whatever you'd like to use to add color or text, if you wish.
-Inks for adding antiqued edges, or for stamping with, if you'd like to use stamps in your project

-X-Acto Knife (or similar craft knife)
-Paper trimmer (with scoring blade if you have it)
-Bone folder (for making deep folds... you can borrow mine if you don't have one, but you may have to wait if other students are borrowing it, too)
-Any stamps you may like to use as embellishment
-Paper punches, if you have favorites, for creating embellishments (the classroom has a large selection of punches for you to use)

It looks like a lot when I write it out, but if you've ever done any kind of crafting, you likely have a lot of this stuff already.

Please e-mail me if you're planning to come to the class. It takes a lot of time for me to pack and prepare and I'd like to know that I'm showing up to teach people. ^_^

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