Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Etsy!

I'm announcing now even though I won't be premiering until a little while in the future. It has occurred to me that since I put a lot of time and thought into tutorials I post in the blog that I should try to sell some of them. Many good friends (including Bonnie, Rose, and others at Clay Guild) have suggested that I try to sell my clay tutorials either through Etsy or I will maybe get some clay stuff together in the future, but for now, I'll focus a bit more on the paper stuff.

My new Etsy site will be I'll be doing tutorials first on making your own craft space storage from cardstock, including cute folders and boxes and whatnot. I will probably branch out into clay and jewelry tutorials in the future, including some of my favorite earring components and whatnot. I know that and the clay lesson site exist for those purposes, but honestly, if I can just sell things without having to give half the cost of each lesson away, I'll be a bit happier. And having all of my stuff in one place is good, too, in case you like what I do. Then you'll have one stop shopping. ^_~

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