Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who has time to freaking blog right now?!

So over the last week, the world has come together and then fallen apart again. For 6 solid days, my precious Elliott slept through his nap without wetting his bed (in underwear!). Yesterday and today? Ugh.

Add to that extra crafting for gifts. I literally started making stuff in JANUARY. How this has happened to me again, I don't know. But I am having fun pulling all the stuff out of the gift pile that I've been building all year. If I actually sat down with a list, I probably don't have as much to make as I think I do, but I still freak out a bit. It feels like it's some badge of honor at this time of year to be kind of (read: totally) frazzled. I need to get over it.

Add to that making stuff for my show in December at TYF, and the new display I'm setting up as of next week and I'm just sort of beyond myself.

Oh, yeah. And my family. And my house.

I guess blogging will keep me sane. I'll post pics of all the earrings I made today for my display. If anyone wants some super high quality gifts for Christmas, you know where to go get them. Nordstrom. No, but really. My stuff is really cool.

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