Friday, November 19, 2010

Wire pieces from today

Again, I'm trying to do at least a few pieces every day for the new display I'm putting up over at Tempe Yarn and Fiber next week. Today I felt like doing some fancier stuff, so I did.

Earlier this morning, I focused more on some knitting. I finished a sock and started the second one. Finally, later this afternoon, I did these three pieces. Two pairs of fun earrings and a cool bangle. Materials: sterling and fine silver, black onyx, moonstone, AAA grade Chinese crystal.

I asked my honey to bring a flashlight over and see if it would help get better pictures. I think the spotlight look is actually pretty cool, especially for these pieces with the crystals. It makes it look very Hollywood premier.

Anyway, these pieces are going to get antiqued. I'm on an antiquing kick. Once they're antiqued (with the pieces from yesterday), I'll post those pics, too.

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