Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Show Promotion! ^_^

Here are some more photos of the beautiful pieces I'll be having in my show on Saturday.  ALL of my earrings will be $20 in honor of Mother's Day.  I can guarantee you that none of these are worth less than $20, but many, many, many of them are worth far more than $20.

ALL of my necklaces will be $25, and many of them will be including complementary matching earrings.

My chatelaines will be priced at $45 and my bracelets will be $25 and $15.  I really do hope to see a lot of people coming out for this.  It's going to be wonderful!  ^_~

This necklace and earrings: $25 (That's carnelian, Chinese crystal, shell, and gold plated findings and beads you see there.)

This necklace: $25  (That's a handmade polymer clay focal piece strung with freshwater pearls, seed beads, and genuine emerald chips.  Yes, I said emerald.  And also silver plated findings and beads.  The wire on the focal is a coated copper.)

These bracelets are $25 (rose quartz, Swarovski crystal, and all sterling silver wire, components, and beads) and $15 (Chinese crystal, czech glass, and silver plated components and beads).

These earrings will all be $20 each!  They are sterling silver or 14kt gold filled, with Swarovski crystals, pearls, Citrine, turquoise, garnet... I'm sure you can pick out which is which.  ^_~

And here's another chatelaine... $45.  I made it yesterday afternoon.  It has a combination of Amazonite, Chinese crystal, freshwater pearls, and gold and silver plated findings and components.

I'm really excited for Saturday!  Hopefully you can come out!  ^_^


  1. Beautiful creations, Kathy!! Wishing you much success! Wish I could go. 8(

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