Friday, September 7, 2012

Small Gift Box

Christmas is a year-long process for me.  I'm starting to make the packaging for the presents I have made and will be making up until the last possible moment.

The teacher in me can't help but show how to make the boxes, even though I'm virtually positive I have done it before.  Even though I've been doing this long enough to be able to add a lot of these things in my head, I still start each box with a drawing.  (I've also been doing this long enough to see just how often I'm wrong when I think I've been doing it long enough to do it in my head... so I draw.)

Make the inner box of the lid piece 1/8" bigger than the base of your box.  This is a LOT of room, but allows you to decorate.  If you're not decorating the box, and you're up for the math, make the lid 1/16" bigger than your box.

To form the box, you cut one side of each corner square.  I always make sure I'm making one cut for each side of the box and lid.  It's important, especially when your flaps are this big, so that you're gluing only one flap for each box side.  Gluing two isn't the end of the world, but I don't think it looks as nice.

Also, when making a square box, I cut a strip off of the edge of each corner square once I have the flap up.  This leaves a bit of space to make the gluing easier.

Glue all the flaps to the inside of the box/lid.

Isn't it so cute all finished, even when it's still plain?

This is the perfect size to put a little pair of earrings, or to include an especially delicate chain necklace.  Wrap the chain around a cotton ball and allow the pendant to nestle on top when you put the cotton ball into the box.  This will keep the chain from tangling and create a cute presentation at the same time.

The bow isn't finalized, but the present isn't finished either, yet.  I'm just getting the pieces together so that when I'm ready to give this present, I can just grab the box and go.  I'll worry about getting the bow and the positioning and final decoration finished when the gift is actually in the box.  For now, this is going into my gift box stash, ready for Christmas.

I feel like putting my tree up already!

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