Friday, March 1, 2013

Giant Button!

Yumiko Alexander was in TYF the other day when I was there and we got to talking.  She said that she had been looking for a giant button to put on one of her designs, but she couldn't find any.  Any that she found were too heavy and, overall, still not big enough for what she wanted!  She asked if I could make her a button that was at least 3" across.  I said, "Sure, let me see what I can do."

This is what I did:

I really hope she likes it.  It is, in fact, 3" across, and it seems awfully light for its size.  That's one of the advantages of polymer clay.  I basically made an original, sculpted and appliqued with clay on a circular base, then took a mold and made this one for her.  If it works and she likes it, I'll be making more to supply to the shop so that people who buy her pattern can also buy a button to go on the finished product.  I'm excited!

I think it's really cool!!!

Also, I'm taking 11 new button sets to Tempe Yarn and Fiber today, including some shown below.  The pinkish/fuschia and the peach ladybug ones are absolutely one of a kind.  They were leftover colors from another project and I can't mix them again, so get them while you can if you like them.


Overall, a pretty good showing for today!  I hope Yumiko likes her button!

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