Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yarny things...

Nancy P. of Tempe Yarn and Fiber color fame has done a bad, bad thing.

(If, by "bad, bad thing", you understand that I actually mean that she has done something so amazing and incredible and awesome and delicious to my eyeballs that I could never hope to have enough money to satisfy the urges that are produced inside of me by the thing she has done... Thus, the "bad".)

The geniuses over at TYF have hired her to dye 4oz. superwash braids.  I bought three of them even though I wasn't buying anything that day and even though I'm not buying any more fiber right now.  I turned my nose up at DK weight 100% silk single spun yarn in gold and silver that actually LOOKED like gold and silver for their shine because I wasn't buying anything that day.  This is how committed I was.

But I saw the lovely genius that is Nancy, and I was lost.

This is about 2 oz. and 270 yards of a thick and thin yarn spun from the first half of one of these braids.  I'm calling it "Shaded Flowers".

This is the beginnings of the next braid.  Nancy called it "Gumbo".  I think it looks like a Nebula.  I'm calling it "Nebula Gumbo".  I think this is my favorite spinning.  EVER.  I can't wait to have the finished yarn!

She has such a way with color.  No one can deny it.  I hope that she makes boatloads of money so that she can keep making fiber for me.

In other yarny/clayish news, the Huge Button looks amazing on Yumiko Alexander's super fun crochet shawl:

Apparently people are already in the shop asking for these things, so I have to get to work.  If I can stop spinning.

(She did a bad, bad thing.)

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