Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Socks

I have actually managed to keep up on my socks even though it's been rough.  I managed to finish a full on pair of Malabrigo socks for Adam that turned out totally cute.  I did the ultimate cheat in February by knitting worsted weight socks for Elliott.  It still took me the whole month.

March, I did fingering weight socks for Elliott that turned out amazing.  Here they are in progress...  I don't have finished photos yet, but they are done.

Again, because I'm not doing fancy photo shoots right now, you have to settle for junky cell phone/Instagram photos.

Here are the socks I'm currently making for Thad.  I love this Patons yarn right now.  The self striping is addicting, let me tell you, and highly motivating.  The amount of progress made is completely clear with a self striping yarn.  There's none of that, "I've been knitting FOREVER and I'm not any further," thinking going on because you can see, "Whoa!  I did three colors!"

I'll be done with these by the end of the month.  Thad's feet are now the same size as mine and that's crazy to me.  Pretty soon I think he's going to get bigger feet than Adam's and that will definitely shoot these way up into the major labor-of-love category.

Okay, off to the couch for, you guessed it: "Murder, She Wrote" and April sock knitting.  Yesterday was a pretty good day, actually, and was my last day of antibiotics, but today I seem to be slumping again.  I can't even say just how eager I am for this thing to be kicked off of my body.  I love how knitting for others helps me to stay outside of myself, though.  I may be feeling bad, but I don't have to focus on that as much when I'm making something for someone I love.  It's really very helpful... anything that keeps my mind off of myself.

I think that's the key to staying connected to joy through all of this.  I can't focus inward, I have to trust that God is taking care of it, and I focus outward.  I'm looking forward to a full and amazing recovery.  ^_^

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