Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pictures for Ravelry

New buttons for TYF!  I'm excited about the shank buttons that look like knitting.  ^_~

Handspun: Four ounces of superwash from Dyelicious fibers at TYF that was truly amazing.  Nancy called it "Gumbo".  I called it "Nebula Gumbo" because it looked like all of the colors of a nebula to me.  I love how much this turned out like Malabrigo's Pocion colorway, which is my new favorite... It's like a dirty rainbow.  EVERY color, but subdued so that it isn't too much for every day.  (Unless you're Joseph in some church pageant.  There's a place for billions of colors in one outfit, I'm sure.)  This was my first real three ply yarn from three separate bobbins... I LOVE how the colors mingled!

Handspun: Four ounces of a polwarth/silk blend from TYF.  I love the greens and kept them in their repeats by Navajo plying.  This is close to 700 yards and will become awesome socks for my hubby in the month of July.

Handspun: a bit less than 2 ounces of a silk/wool blend from TYF.  It's a two ply and very nice, if I do say so myself!

Handspun: No idea what the weight/yardage is on this... it was my first experiment with hand carders, just a bunch of dyed merino top from TYF.  Two plied from a center pull ball... I love how the purple ends melded so nicely with the yellow ends.  I can't wait to get more carding done.

And, that's it!  These are here so that I can get them to Ravelry.  Tour de Fleece has begun!  Yee!!!

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