Monday, July 1, 2013

Where there's no smoke...

I've been ridiculously absent of late from the blog.  That doesn't mean, of course, that there isn't a lot of crazy crafting going on in my house.  In fact, it means quite the opposite.

Also, it's summer break, and being that I live in a place that gets so hot that I find myself saying, "It's 110 today, but wait until it actually gets hot..."  You can imagine that I'm not sending my boys out to play very much.  We tend to do here in summer what most people do in winter if they live somewhere that actually gets cold and very snowy only, you know, the opposite.  We hole up inside the air-conditioned house, wearing as little clothing as is appropriate, trying to fend off the boredom for as long as we can.

It gets so hot here that it even gets too hot to swim, for any of you non-locals who just thought that we should live at the pool.  No.  In the mid day of our crazy heat, the pool water feels more like bath water and it evaporates so quickly when you get out that you get barely any time to feel cool in the air.  It's not refreshing at ALL.  The breezes that blow are hot breezes.  The other day, I was walking out of Tempe Yarn and Fiber and a hot, hot wind kicked up and it felt like my little toes were about to pop off of my feet like little pieces of popcorn.  Pop!  Pop!  Pop!

Anyway, so, as I said... We're holed up inside.  A lot.  And that makes for busy days and not much blogging.  But the Tour has started (Tour de Fleece, I mean... no one cares about the Tour de France anymore in this house.  My husband, who loves bicycling with all of his heart, has completely lost interest in that other Tour because of all the doping.  Sad business.) and I'm spinning up a storm.  I'm also getting stuff made for church and keeping up on my clay, so over the next few days, I'm hoping to catch up on all that I've been doing when I've not been here recording it.

One of the really exciting things going on right now is that I'm heading up the project portion of Scrapmania at my church this year.  I'm putting together the project and kits and trying to keep everything inexpensive so that our ticket sales mostly go to our single moms' Christmas party.

Pastor Holly found an amazing project idea online, and I adapted it to make it less expensive to produce.  This exploding box is BEYOND cute.

Above, the box is decorated with a bunch of stuff that won't come in the kit.  But below is the box showing what kind of finished thing will be possible with only the kit contents, although these colors are completely different.  That night, all of the ladies will be learning how to make these roses and the layered flowers and the rosettes.  It's going to be really fun!

Part of lowering the cost is in making all of the items for the kit myself.  So far, I've done 200 polymer clay embellishments (100 kits total... I want each lady to get at least three pieces of clay embellishment, so I have one more set to do) that look like this:

I'm pondering making the third one more like a flower.  Maybe a little rose or something.  I have to see if there's enough clay for that.  Maybe I'll do little cameos instead.  I can't decide!  All in all, I believe it's going to be a great night!

And... yes, the Tour is on, so it's back to the wheel for me!

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