Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I HATE Mohair! I HATE Mohair!

Does anyone remember the scene in the Disney movie, "Sword in the Stone", where Mad Madam Mim is bested by Merlin and they have her in her house and let sunshine in to help her get better? She pulls her hair over her face and starts shrieking in the best fit voice ever, "I HATE sunshine! I hate horrible wholesome sunshine!"

Anyway... I mention this because any time you me saying that I HATE something, I'm doing it in my head in this voice. And I HATE mohair! I hate horrible, hairy mohair!

I'm just having issues with a scarf right now that is very soon to be made a muffler. A LOT of my scarves are turning into mufflers lately. I can't imagine why.

Oh, and in case anyone is curious, here is the link for the video of Mad Madam Mim's fit on YouTube:


They don't let it carry on as long as it should. :( And it starts at about second 30, in case you want to skip right to it.

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