Thursday, April 29, 2010

My experiments!!!!!

Okay, okay, okay. I'm finally sharing this! I was inspired by the shimmering batik stuff that everyone has been making, but I was too cheap to buy the demo and I came up with my own thing that doesn't really look like that, but still looks really cool!

I just submitted this stuff as a possible article for PolymerCafe, but if they don't take it, I'll tell everyone how I did it.

These are coated with Magic Glos, too. I really am proud of the way they turned out. I don't recommend trying to do something like my third one, though. I had SO many issues with the Glos running down in that little crack. If you look close, you can see some of it is still there. I'll have to figure something out for making cool shapes like this in the future. But I still love it, and that is the one that most people really ooh and ahh over when they see it.

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