Thursday, June 10, 2010

Totally easy earwires!

Oh, I've been so busy and I can't get into it. But, I'm thrilled to report that my second article is going to get published soon in Polymer Cafe. Don't know when exactly yet, but I'm sure I'll find out once they get my contract.

Also, just as a little tidbit, since I haven't been too instructional lately, I'll share my new favorite thing... Drumroll, please...

These earwires are so easy to make, you'll wonder if you're cheating. Take some half hard 20 gauge sterling silver round wire. Wrap it a few times around something slightly smaller than the desired finished size of your wires (the half hard wire springs). Using your flush cutters, and switching them around with each cut to keep the ends flat, cut rings from the coil. With your fingers, form the cut circles into rings. Take round nose pliers and make a loop on the inside of one of the rings. Tumble polish/file the cut end that remains to make sure it's not pokey. Make totally cool looking earrings!

Now how easy was that? I made myself a whole collection of little earrings this way today. I think these are officially my favorite earwires now.

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