Friday, May 14, 2010

Earring Swap/Card Exchange

Busy, busy, busy. But it's good!

Here are my card exchange cards for May. I've got to go drop them off today. (They're due every month on the 15th!)

And here are my earring pieces for the guild swap on Saturday. I kind of had this total freak out over the last week when I realized that I had 15 pairs of earring pieces AND 8 cards due on the same day this month. LoL. But it's been kind of fun, I suppose. I've watched a lot of Hercules on Netflix while crafting. You can laugh all you want. That show is so lame, but I love it.

Yeah, I really love being able to set my laptop on the desk next to me and have it playing something as I work. It really helps me concentrate! I know sometimes I look rude in church, too, as I flip through my bible looking for various things that I think of as I listen, but the extra activity somehow allows my brain to focus more on what's going on. In various meetings I attend, too, or other things, it's helpful to me to be working on things while I'm listening, then I can focus on my work and on what's said. Otherwise, I find myself daydreaming. It's like my brain really needs something else to do in order to focus. It's an extreme right brain thing. It helps me understand my son, Thad, too. We're so alike, it's weird.

Yeah, like, on Sunday, Adam sent him into his room to get dressed. We already have him pick his clothes out the night before to help. He was in there for 10 minutes doing nothing. Just standing there, spacing. Adam had to remind him again that he should be getting dressed. Then, Adam came into our room as I was getting ready and asked, "Is it possible that he actually just spaced for 10 minutes?" And I said, "Totally. He could have seen something on his desk that reminded him of something and he thought about it, then a stream of a million other things, and he just has no idea how much time has passed." Adam said, "Weird. I just don't understand that." But I feel mushies at him because he's so sweet. Even though he doesn't understand, he recognizes that, and he's a really good dad. And a darned fine husband. (Like the bible says, "Dwell with your wife in understanding..." It doesn't say they'll ever understand us. LoL.)

Anyway, anyway... This was fun. I put some tips on the cards included with my earrings, too, and described color mixes and whatnot. So guild people are getting a treat. Even if my earring pieces aren't as good as Bonnie's or Lupe's (Lupe's post made me feel like crap, lol!), maybe people will enjoy my tidbits. ^_^

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  1. Kathy,
    I really liked receiving your earrings in the swap. I also liked your Rivoli peice you made, on Sat. What is the name of the acrylic folkart you used on yours. I used pure gold on mine and did not like it as much as the look you got.