Friday, May 21, 2010

Stitch markers and buttons!!!

I'm delivering my stitch markers, buttons, and shawl pins to Tempe Yarn and Fiber today for their grand opening (at their new location--next door to their current one!) on the 25th! This has been weeks and weeks in the working and I'm excited. I'm delivering a pretty huge stock (for one person, at least) today. Over 30 pairs of stitch markers (which can easily be converted into beautiful earrings with provided hypoallergenic kidney ear wires) and close to 50 buttons. Some of those are in sets, but still. It was a butt load of work.

Anyway, it's exciting to be back out there again. Last time it was Art on Boston. Now it's a yarn shop. So this venue is combining my love of metal work, jewelry making, polymer clay, AND fiber arts.

Oh, and I made one button that says, "Eat, knit, and be merry, for tomorrow we dye." Isn't that SO cute?!

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