Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rivoli Pendants, Shawl Pins, Other Stuff, Oh, MY! (Or: Holy Lotta Pics, Batman!)

Holy lotta pics, Batman!

Okay, okay. I've been working my butt off (not literally, unfortunately) and not posting any pics. Here's some of what I've been doing lately. None of these shawl pins are completely finished. The first one, even though it's all pretty and coated in Magic Glos, is unsanded on the sides and bottom.

I made color chips after Jodi's demo at last month's Clay Guild. I had a TON of little leftover bits of the grayed colors, so I rolled them into snakes and decided to make a shawl pin with all of them. I'm not pleased with this yet. We'll see what miracles some Inca Gold paint (from Folkart--my FAVORITE gold color) can do. Oh, and Rose, that's my paint color. Hopefully you'll read this.

This is my most recent shawl pin. I love it! I did it with my jade mix. Although I'm pretty sure that this particular jade mix isn't what I usually do. I can't wait to sand it and buff it! Well. I can't wait for it to be done. Maybe I could enter a temporal vortex (subspace rift?) or some kind and exit after the sanding and buffing were done. Oh, if only Star Trek were real.

Random cane slices on a base.

More little cane slices and some old strips of mokume gane.

My current pride and joy--this beautiful necklace I finished at Clay Guild yesterday with 14kt gold filled wire and a bunch of Swarovski. ^_^ I love the little pendant, which is that technique I'm going to write an article on for Polymer Cafe. That will be my third accepted article. I'm really excited about it!

Lynn did this awesome demo yesterday at Clay Guild. These are shown in the order I made them. The top left was made yesterday after the demo. The others were made at home, late at night, and early in the morning. ^_^ They're so fun! The only thing that stopped me was running out of Rivolis. Although I like the cabochon look, I really, REALLY love the crystals. Oh, and because I'm kind of kooky: I made super tiny ones out of 6mm drilled Rivoli drops (cleverly concealing the holes) for earrings. They need to get finished a bit better. I used the FolkArt Inca Gold acrylic paint for some of these and some FolkArt Warm White, I believe.

Since I started my blog post, Adam wisely started playing a video game. (Star Trek Encounters for PS2, in case anyone was curious.) I was already planning on making this pendant with a long cab into a necklace. I may just do that now. I need to sand and buff this one, too, though. Dangit.


  1. I did read your blog, thanks You went to town making all those rovolis. They sure are pretty I speacally like the one you made at the club. Lynn's demo was great, I have also made two more in diff colors I can be a rebel too

  2. Nice pendants Kathy. You must have been up all night. My pendant weighs about 7 pounds so I have to get something to hold it up with. Didn't realize how much clay I was using.
    Your necklace is beautiful too. Hope that tut comes out soon. Good demo on the earrings too.