Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Rivoli Pendants/Polymer Thief

I made new pendants. But that's in a sec. Look at this cute picture I found when I was rifling through 2007 photos. This is my sweet Elliott, at about 8 months old, attempting to pilfer a block of polymer clay from the table as I was crafting. He used to sit next to me in the high chair all of the time as I crafted. I tell people all the time that he was raised around my crafts. This is usually in response to their surprise as Elliott runs off with my jewelry or plays with beads or whatever. I trained him early to be gentle with that stuff, just like I did his older brother. And he always listens when I tell him not to touch or to put things back. Anyway, it was just fun to find this pic of my little craft supply thief. (Oh, and the spot on his cheek is eczema. Virtually all of his baby pictures have his little spotted cheek in them.)

I've been obsessed with the Rivolis lately thanks to Lynne's demo. These are some pendants I made setting them in a different way. I like their look... chunky and antique, kind of. I like them both antiqued AND left shiny silver. I'm going to try gold next.

I was thinking about putting this up at It could be my inaugural tutorial. ^_^

I almost can't express my level of stress right now, though. I got all of my shawl pins finished and buffed, but I still have so far to go. I got stitch markers and buttons made yesterday and I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed with it all. It's good that I have these opportunities, but it's also really hard between teaching, selling, taking care of my kids, and trying to keep my house livable. If anyone else out there has ever figured out a perfect balance, let me know. For now, though, Flylady is saving my life. And keeping dinner on the table. ^_^ Earlier today, I was joking with myself. I'm weird. I was thinking, about myself and my art, that someone else might say, "She's such a poser. She still does housework." LoL.


  1. They are beautiful, Kathy...I think you should put this up at!

  2. Those are very cool. Put it on Maybe you can make enough money to get a maid :0). I use to clean before the maid came so I fired her because she was too much work.LOL.