Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally! Some finished polymer jewelry!

I have been playing with polymer clay for a while, but hadn't turned out any finished pieces. I'm proud and very happy to say that I've finished three things now!

Obviously this first necklace required the most effort. It's copper, the clay beads I've made, and some faceted freshwater pearls with a few Swarovski crystals in there.

Here is my first alcohol ink bead attempt. (Alcohol ink on top of silver foil, layered, stamped, and wrapped around a core bead.) It's got the Chinese character for "Beauty" on it. This one is all sterling silver (except the wire holding the bead--that's fine silver, on a headpin I made), and the silver filigree piece attaching the bead to the chain is also one of mine. I was rummaging for something to accent this pretty bead and when I saw these simple filigree pieces I'd made, I thought one of them would go perfectly!

Here are the shaving cream beads I made, also with alcohol inks. This technique is SO fun! I couldn't figure out what to do with them for the longest time, and then I decided to just string them onto a cord which I knotted to make an adjustable necklace. This one is for when I'm feeling rustic. ^_~


  1. Kathy, love your necklaces. Good job. Can't wait to see Polymer Cafe.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Kathy! I love your necklace that was done with alcohol inks. I have to give a tutorial on that in March...wish me luck!

  3. Stunning! Again, love your metal work. So professional. I've yet to try the shaving cream beads. It's what's great about polymer, there's always something to try, something to inspire. Love your pieces.

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