Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Actually pics this time

First of all, every time I add pictures now and then go to start my blog post, I have all of this bold type that takes some mysterious combination (not sure what... seems different every time) of clicking the bold button and typing and clicking and typing and backspacing and clicking and typing and backspacing more before I get type that looks normal with the bold "b" not highlighted up there. Like, stuff looks bold even when it's not highlighted until I do the weird ritual thing. I guess I could look like I feel so important and really know what I'm talking about by having everything so emphatic, but I don't feel like it. It's just annoyed me enough now that I have to start the post by venting about it. Venting complete.

Now to the good stuff:

All of those are my newest polymer pieces that are mostly (except for the bamboo branch thing and probably the gray octopus) destined to be shawl pins for my display at TYF. I'm loving the red octopus and feel sad for the gray octopus who was the experiment. He was so cute until I made the red one. :( I know it has no feelings, but still, I feel a bit bad for it.

I also made a French press cover for my French press. I keep saying "Fresh Prince" instead. Ugh. But, seriously, try to say "Fresh Prince French Press". It might be even better than trying to say "Irish Wristwatch". It's definitely better than "Aluminum Linoleum"... you have to say the last one at least 3 times before it starts tripping you up. Anyway, it's still fun. These are the little things I like to do in my spare time. Fear me.

I love the way it looks. I knitted it out of bulky yarn and even made a little dip up in the top for the spout. I'm going to be posting the pattern on Ravelry soon.

LOOK at the buttons. They're coffee bean buttons! I LOVE THEM! I made them out of polymer clay. They are the cutest and coolest little buttons ever. EVER. Ever. Ever. Yeah.

I love how the spout opening flows so well with the cables. That was totally God there. I had nothing to do with planning that. He just likes me.

Here it is again... the buttons!

I charted random purls into the stockinette section to make it look kind of rustic. I'm really, really hoping I achieved the rustic-because-I-wanted-it-rustic look and not the rustic-because-I-didn't-know-what-the-heck-I-was-doing-and-screwed-it-up-so-I-called-it-rustic look. That's right up there with "making it look like crap means it's handmade" and we all kind of know how I feel about that. I won't rant about it today.

I'm feeling so good right now. I have chocolate. I have coffee. I have a cute French press cover. (Fresh Prince!) My kids are with my grandma. I'm blogging. I got to go to the bathroom earlier today without ANYONE knocking on the door. Or just opening it. This happened several times, the lonely toileting... It was glorious. I had forgotten what this felt like... this "going to the bathroom alone"... I think the kids should give me coupons for this. Like, on Mother's Day or something... One for each of them. "An entire day of leaving you alone while you're in the bathroom."

This is right up there with "no complaining about my brother while you're in the shower" (from Thad) or "no musical theater renditions that you MUST watch me perform while you're in the shower" (from Elliott). I mean, I'm seriously having kind of a daygasm over here, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I don't even feel unhappy about having to undo all the buttons and ties from the French press cover because I didn't realize that I need the buttons on the left of the handle if I want to comfortably pour with my right hand. The moment I become inconsolably upset about this will probably coincide exactly with the moment my grandmother brings my children home. It will be a complete coincidence, I assure you.

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