Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moderate. Represent. Yee-ah.

THIS, by nothing more than the waving of five pointy sticks for about a month will be magically transformed into SOCKS for my sweet son, Thad:

It's mysterious and miraculous, I tell you. Absolute magic. I would show you, but it's a long trick, so I'll just let you see the finished product.

Also, I might become a moderator for the polymer clay group on Ravelry. Super excited. Clay and knitting. Knitting and jewelry. Knitting and everything, really. It goes with everything. Like chocolate. Chocolate and milk. Chocolate and soda. Chocolate and steak. Chocolate and mashed potatoes. (Not mixed, obviously, just like knitting... You can't knit and do another hobby at the same time. I guess unless your hobby is something like watching every single sci-fi show you can get your hands on in the new Netflix queue for PS3 which SUCKS, but we won't speak of that... Well, that's one of my hobbies. But I digress! Seriously, knitting is like chocolate. I'd be hard pressed to come up with something that I would NOT want to eat chocolate after eating the first thing... or vice versa. Knitting is like that.)

So. This is a completely random rambling post, isn't it? I guess not having any readers makes you feel like you can get away with anything. ANYTHING. Like if the kids are playing alone... As soon as I hear them stop fighting, I wonder what they're up to, and I have to go look. It's either completely cute or completely terrifying... there's just not a middle ground with these two. They will either succeed wildly or fail with such spectacular splendor that no matter what they do in their lives, they will be amazing. We're working on the succeeding part, of course.

I need more caffeine. Time to wave pointy sticks. FIVE of them.

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