Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random venting with no pics and a silver lining!

1. I hate Facebook. I still use Facebook, but it has nothing to do with Facebook. It's my people on Facebook. I wish there were some other way to keep track of my people, but alas... I must use what I've been given. Anyway, I saw the nastiest photo that I never wanted to see that one of my friends commented on (it was posted by someone NOT in my friends, apparently for good reason) and I'm kind of royally pissed that I had to see it. I don't want to look at anything that isn't from my own nicely selected group of friends. Ugh.

2. I feel lame because I haven't taken any pictures. I have been running rampant through this house like a crazy person, working here, working there, working everywhere and apparently accomplishing nothing at all.

3. I have a special order for buttons from TYF and a bunch of bracelets to repair for a friend and neither one of these things has gotten done because of #2. If Adam were reading this right now, he'd be laughing his head off because of the poop joke in there, and this time I would wholeheartedly agree with him.

4. Video games are either the most annoying thing ever to take over a child's life, or the greatest blessing God has ever allowed on this earth. On the days I'm yelling for the 752nd time that NO, Thad can't play games because of X, Y, Z, it feels like the first. On days like today, where my brain is nothing more than a huge pile of mangled mush (see numbers 1 and 2), it feels like the second. Loving anything that will keep him occupied enough to accomplish two miraculous things: 1. He stops bothering me to play video games. 2. He stops constantly asking for food.

5. I want to make cool polymer clay beads. I want to finish the socks I have going so that I can freely move to something else. I want to be (released from) finished with the (monotonous and endless purgatory) Lacey Baktus so that I can free up the needles for something (infinitely cooler and better in every way) else. This isn't to say that this is a bad pattern. I'm just making mine with yarn I don't like in colors I don't like that keeps splitting and splitting and makes the 3,858 rows of k2 tog, YO feel like a more fitting punishment for Sisyphus than the boulder thing.

6. You'd think that blogging instead of taking care of #3 is possibly why #3 isn't done yet, but that's not true. I have to rip up my cabinets and pull out all of my jewelry stuff for that and make it all and then put it all away again. And I'm going to need Adam's soldering help on one of the bracelets. And I just realized that I could make the cool polymer clay beads I've been longing to make as a fix for one of the bracelets I have to do... (It's a Pandora bracelet with a broken charm that my friend wants fixed, but also with several new Pandora beads added on. I saw wicked awesome clay beads made like Pandora beads that Bonnie made at Clay Guild this last Saturday, with eyelets stuck in the holes... Oh, my gosh. I think I just found my silver lining.)

7. Yay! I'll make beads and be working at the same time. But first I'll finish the process for all of the chicken broth I made today, make dinner, put away two loads of laundry, start muffins for breakfasts, and finish the button order. This might be how #2 happens.

Stop it, Adam.

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