Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy bee, where your honey at!?

In case I ever wonder again about why my life seems like an endless sea of busy, yet somehow the work never seems to accomplish anything, perhaps this can help clear it up:

I was going to be so on top of things today. I had a very busy day already laid out when I got up, which consisted of actually finishing the clay pieces I've been making (turning them into pins), going to another parent teacher conference at Thad's school (the one for his gifted class... The other one was yesterday.), and trying to make some headway in this house. My half hearted one load of dishes per day and sporadic laundry was just not seeming to cut it anymore. Since I'm speaking of all of this lovely potential in past tense, I'm sure it's clear that this is not what happened today.

I got breakfast together, took care of e-mails, did a little bit of extra internet time because I need to make my grandma a birthday present and it's going to be the Fuzzy Feet pattern from Knitty. So I got that lined up (her birthday is on the 14th... don't remind me) and set and then finally sat to work on the clay stuff I feel I so desperately need to get done. Over comes my sweetheart, Elliott, my four year old. "Mom, I want to be with you." It was obviously too cute to resist. He yanked something out of all of my clay stuff and said, "Mom, what's this?" And I showed him that he could make textures in the clay with it. And it just sort of all went down hill from there.

You can see my lonely little unfinished pieces there to the left. Elliott is bending one of my tools in this photo. (I bent it back... no worries.) He's standing exactly in front of me so that I can't possibly hope to get anything done around him. He learned the pasta machine today, too.

My area is a complete wreck, which is just what it has to look like when I'm doing the clay. It's usually about a week at a time like this and I hate it. I like for everything to be perfectly clean and put away, but it's just not practical to pack everything up every time, so here it sits, a blotch in my living room. The other problem, of course, being that if my desk looks like this, it's likely the rest of the house does, too, because I'm so deep in production mode that I'm no longer picking up after everyone, and barely picking up after myself. So it's three against one there, and it's a losing battle.

Oh, well. He's obviously having quite a bit of fun. I won't begrudge him that. I had enough presence of mind to snap a photo of the new fish I made while he was working.

Here is the new octopus and a pendant I made for an Etsy order. (The fish, octopus, and pendant were NOT finished today. I did nothing today, apparently.)

Hopefully tomorrow I can be busy all day and have something to show for it. This is my fantasy. This is my dream. Some honey for the bee, please.

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  1. Love your octopus! You actually do very well for having a small room is a total mess right now. It's time to clean it. I am down to a 6 by 6 area to work. 8(