Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cinderella's Wish

I've got to say that my absolute most favorite thing about knowing how to make jewelry and having been making it for 9 years is stuff like this:

Our friends who live up in northern Arizona have put together this thing for girls this year whose families have been hit hard by the economy. Basically, they've gotten together dresses and shoes and gotten volunteers for hair and makeup and nails so that the girls can have some nice things for their prom night. They're calling it, rather aptly, "Cinderella's Wish".

When my friend was telling me about it, I just HAD to get in on the fun. I went through some of my stash (which is HUGE) and pulled out a ton of stuff to donate, mostly earrings, with some bracelets in there. They're expecting about 60 girls to participate this year, and this huge pile of stuff will more than cover that. I hope that every single one of them finds something they like in the pile.

This is definitely it. I guess this is the real thrill because this is where I feel like what I do actually has a purpose, you know? It's not just making random pretty stuff to sell--it's actually helping people. And even selling to raise money for something isn't as fun as this is. I just love the idea that I can help make some girl's night. Anyway, I'm thrilled! I can't wait to hear how the whole thing went!

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