Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Craft(s) 2: Bamboo skewer vase and customized beadcaps

I did two things today, actually!!! The first was a new earring design which didn't feel like it counted since it was a business thing, and the second was the bamboo skewer vase below that didn't feel like it counted since I was finishing it and didn't do the entire thing today.

The vase is the taller one with the thingies poking out. I took these old, lonely glasses from our cupboard and cut bamboo skewers to fit the height. I used my hot glue gun to glue the skewers all around the outside. I really like the way they look! The shorter one is used as a candle holder and the taller one, newly complete today, is a decorative vase thing. I glued gold sticks to the outside of the vase, too (colored twigs from my yard with a Krylon 18kt pen). The thingies poking out are actually lemon grass husks. Kind of? When you cook with lemon grass, you're supposed to remove the outer layers. I tied them all up and hung them upside down for several weeks and they formed these neat, organic looking (because they ARE, go fig) stick things that I've used in various arrangements throughout my house.

These I felt really excited about. I cut discs and customized them with my wedding anniversary (so at least I could wear them which is better than picking some random date out of the air) and my husband's and my initials (A&K). I then formed the discs into bead caps using my doming block. These are made for a new business my friend is starting called Bello Momento. She is an incredibly talented graphic designer and one of her friends is a wonderfully talented photographer, both very professional and accomplished. And she asked ME if I would like to make some designs so that any customers (mainly weddings, but also for all other special moments) could see if they'd like some jewelry to celebrate their occasion. I'm thinking all about customized stuff, of course, with dates and names and all of that. And I'm trying to come up with stuff I haven't really seen before (like these bead caps!). I think it will be really awesome!!!

Tomorrow I might make an egg for Easter. I haven't pulled out my pysanky stuff in a while. (Like 2 years.)

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