Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Craft #6: More Wedding Jewelry/Flower Girl Set!!!!

I've been making more wedding jewelry for my craft time today. I'm really pleased that Lupe thought the stuff from yesterday looks vintage, because that's actually exactly what I was going for. Vintage jewelry is hot right now for weddings.

Below is my favorite pair of earrings from today as far as how absolutely pretty they are. I just LOVE these bead frames! And I'm so glad I noticed that the grayish brownish teardrop beads are the same height as the inside of the frame. These earrings wouldn't look even close to as cool without them.

Below is a bracelet I made to match the earrings I made yesterday.

And here are my favorite things as far as how fun they were. I decided to make little flowers and turned it into a flower girl jewelry set! How freaking cute is this!?

Anyway, there you have it. My finger still hurts. And, to top it off, I've got a blister on the ring finger of my right hand (the same hand as the nasty cut) from my fine silver finding spree the other night. I made close to 100 headpins and almost 50 earwires while watching TV until late at night. I did it all with fine silver, with my torch, to create the balled ends for the headpins and the earwires. During the course of this time, I managed to burn myself pretty bad on the finger, the grace here being that the heat is so HOT that it practically cauterizes the wound at the same time so you don't really feel it although it doesn't smell too nice. But today I have a blister. Ah, well. Badges of honor, every single one. My cut is healing quickly, though, as cuts made with wicked sharp knives usually do. It seems that this is the key: just hurt yourself like you MEAN it and your body gets over it quicker. LoL.


  1. Beautiful Kathy...Next time I see you, make sure you give me some Business cards. I will put some out at the some of weddding venues for you. My daugther had her wedding at Aldea. Have you thought of setting a table up at the some of the wedding's shows. Just awesome work...oh, love what you did to your blog background...looks great!

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