Monday, March 15, 2010


I got sick of my March resolution as I had originally decided it--the one finished thing every day thing. It got to the point of me feeling like I "had" to sit down and make something and I don't like that feeling.

So I'm morphing it into some creative time spent every day, whatever that should happen to be, and I'm knitting a lot right now.

This is a purse I've begun, an original pattern. It's made with 100% wool, so when it's done, I'm going to felt it. I can't wait! It's my first felting project!

Here is the finished basket from the other day, holding some of the stuff we use to help out Elliott's eczema whenever it flairs up:

Here it is upside down because I think the stitches look so cool:

This project was another first for me. I started with only 8 stitches on the needles and worked out from the middle, increasing stitches. I had never done it that way before, but it was the way the pattern called for it to work, so I did it. And I like this little stitch pattern. The basket was supposed to be 3" high, but I made it only 1" because I got too interested in the idea of doing a purse. So I bound this one off early. I am a weird knitter, I think. I can't stand to have too many projects going. I would rather bind off something and finish it early than leave it on my needles for working on later. Loose ends unnerve me. Currently I have my purse, a scarf, and a pair of socks going. Just enough for variety, but not so much that it stresses me out.

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  1. Yeah I agree. One thing seems to inpsire another and the creativity flow goes on. The basket turned out great. Our art reflects our life, so tying up loose ends is a good thing. - Marlene