Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Craft #9: More Wedding Earrings/a pendant for Nanny

I've finally started making some sterling silver pieces for the wedding jewelry. All of these are basically the same design except for the fact that I've changed the beads and whatnot. This is mainly to show the variety possible. All of these are genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls and sterling silver, so they're definitely more pricey than the costume stuff. But some people might want that more.

And here's a pendant I made for my grandma for her birthday which is coming up in a few days. It's got birthstone drops for all of the people in her life who call her "Nanny", including me and my kids and my cousins. This is all sterling and Swarovski, too.

And no one seems interested in my giveaway. So far, it looks like Lupe is going to get the lotus pendant and whatever she wants out of my jar. If you're interested, look at yesterday's post.


  1. Will you be putting some of your new jewelry up on your Etsy store? Beautiful earrings, Kathy, especially for a spring wedding. I will certainly be a very happy recipient of your lotus pendant if no one else jumps in. I am going to have to another look at your jar again. People are missing out on this one.

  2. Rally precise, bed naivety, the shiny is city. marvelous Wedding Earrings design. looks equal they'd be evenhandedly threepenny to shape, imply 2 teenaged lordly daughters would compassion these. Succeeding term i am in class outlet i present be looking for the provides. Extraordinary berth
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