Friday, March 19, 2010

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

So I think I may have hit upon the true danger of being a craft polygamist. I have this overwhelming urge to make something, but no FREAKING clue what to make or how to make it.

Do I knit? Do I crochet? Do I make jewelry? Do I do clay? Do I sew? Do I make a candle? Do I embroider? Do I scrapbook? Do I make cards? Do I paint? Do I draw?

Then even these things have subcategories.

Do I crochet? Do I do wirework? Do I do beading? Bead embroidery? Knotting? Stringing? Do I solder? Do I fuse? Do I yank out my resin stuff and make jewelry with that?

Do I finish the stupid second sock I'm working on right now!? (I'm THIS close to having MSSS [Malignant Second Sock Syndrome, as described by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in her book, "Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off"] and I think the best way to avoid it is to avoid the second sock for now.) Do I design a new purse? I have the idea in my head. Do I knit the patterns I charted this morning? I charted the phrase, "Piece of Knit", and I want to knit it into something especially pretty. (Perhaps this was an indication of the budding, beautiful mood I'm currently experiencing.) I charted a damask pattern. Do I knit that? Do I knit the scarf that was supposed to be my aunt's birthday present in January? Do I experiment more with thread knitting and finally make that stupid Micro Drive cover I've been envisioning? Do I knit a camera cover?

Oh, screw it. I don't feel like crocheting.

Do I make a pin that says "Piece of Knit" on it to go on the felted purse I just made? Or perhaps some little buttons with "Piece of Knit" on them to sell in my Etsy store? I'm stuck on this piece of knit thing. I'm going to start saying it when I mean the other thing instead of "piece of crap" because this one is more satisfying. I could play more with my latest obsession: recreating Japanese food and artwork in the clay.

The truth is, I could go on and on. But I'm in such a sour mood for some reason, I don't know where to start. Nothing seems to have the potential to satisfy this urge. Truth be told, I miss my husband. I've had nearly two solid weeks of being practically alone with both of my children which isn't bad in itself, I suppose. I just want to spend some quality alone time with adults. I miss PEOPLE.

Thank GOD I'm going to Clay Guild tomorrow!!!!!

On reflection, I think I will go ahead and make myself a button out of clay that says "Piece of Knit". I'll put it on my purse. I'll make a whole series of little buttons playing on the cuss word because it's funny. "Knit Happens" "I don't give a knit", etc. Maybe I'm proving myself infantile with this whole thing. LOL. But I'm in a knitty mood, dangit! And I don't care what people think!

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